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Sydney to Brisbane – laid back costal towns you shouldn’t miss out on!

Who got it in between which cities I was travelling? Ok whoever read the caption should know it by now.
I started close to Sydney and made my way all up to Brisbane. Along this 1000km trip I stopped at lots of lovely towns along the coast with great beaches and scenic coastlines.
Here a few of the stops I recommend:

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So it’s day 2 of this week so what did I do in Renmark?
Bronte a guy living there discovered my public trip and invited me to his home, all trough Couchsurfing. That’s why I decided to stop there and i had an amazing time in Renmark – Bronte is the guy in the post picture.
After spending more then 60 nights at over 30 Couchsurfers in 6 countries and meeting even more Couchsurfers at one of plenty events along the way, it is time that I explaine what Couchsurfing is.

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How to get from Malaysia to Indonesia!

So what are the options to go from Malaysia to Indonesia? And what is the cheapest and my personal best option?
Malaysia is separated by the ocean from Indonesia so you will either have to take a ferry or flay by plane.

My plan was to get from south Malaysia to North Sumatra so I will focus the information on this route but the following is also interesting when you want to go anywhere else in Indonesia!

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How to safe money on the Perhentian Islands!

Normally in Asia prices double when moving from the mainland to an island. The small Perhentian Island or Pulau Perhentian Kecil is not a exeption, but who wants to relax at the beaches of this nice island don’t has to necessarily pay too much. Here I have some tips how to cut off some expenses while staying on the island.

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Koh Tao – Diving, Snorkeling, Relaxing!


Koh Tao: A small island in front of the east coast of southern Thailand, a diving paradise or only destroyed reefs, beautiful beaches or run over by tourists. Anyone you ask will give you a different answer what Koh Tao is and I met alot of travellers who got stuck on Koh Tao years ago but also many who completely skiped the island.

So what is my impression of the island after 8 nights on Koh Tao?

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Vang Vieng (10.-12.08.16)

Tubing – or is there something else? The first things you’ll hear about Vang Vieng are the legendary Tubing, drug consumption and all the partys throughout the city. But by legal bans and support of the other natural sight of Vang Vieng this reputation changed in recent years!

Vang Vieng which is located between Luang Prabang (5-7h) and the capital of Laos, Vientiane (3-4h), invites to explore numerous caves, to marvel at waterfalls and refresh yourself in one of the Blue Lagunes. Just rent a motorcycle for a day (40,000 Kip, € 4.50) and take the road eastward from Vang Vieng over the bridge. Expect beautiful mountains and mostly roads in good condition along the way into the valley. The best thing I did there was certainly the Viewpoint Pha Ngeun (3km from town, 30min steep uphill) from where you have the opportunity to get a combined 360° view along your way up the steep path.

I had two nice days there, definitely also because of the funny group I met. So thanks to all of you for spending the time together, for showing me how to ride a motorbike, to attend my guided tour :D, and always order some good food!
And you start thinking about how small the world is when you try to hitchhike and the car stopping is not driven by a Lao guy, but by a German, by a guy from Walldorf (my small hometown) 😀

But now take a look at the pictures!

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Homestay in the Houy Bo Village (03.-07.08.16)

You want to see the “real Laos”? Then a Homestay is probably the best way to expirence the traditional way of Laos life!

I spent 4 days with the rice farmer Mr. Kee and his family in the small Huay Bo Village and could lend a hand in building a hut, help cooking, planting rice and try many new things. Even I was invited to an engagement and so the days were an amazing time.

4 days, I ate 7 different animals, 12 times Sticky Rice and made countless new experiences! Now I certainly can say that I neither enjoy bat nor the taste of a squirrel, but monkey is quite good.

If you are also taken with the images, then think about having a look at Konsavan Guest House & Restaurant in Houy Bo Village near Muang Ngoi. Either walk there in around 1,5 hours through rice fields – good directions can be found here, but you can also use the navigation of MAPS.ME from Muang Ngoi to Houy Bo Village and you’ll be led directly over the rice fields – or give Mr. Kee an (+856 30 92 35 830) call and he’ll be happy to pick you up. If you want to know more about Muang Ngoi take a look here.

PS: If you can’t see blood then I warn you before, as I also have “slaughtered” a chicken the first time and there are some pictures of this as well – real farm life!

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(German) Muang Ngoi: Ein Ausflug ins erfrischende Nass! 

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. If you are interested in reading the article please send me a request including the article link here and I will translate it for you as soon as possible. In meantime you can look around the rest of my website. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language and then use Google Translator or wait for me to translate it.

Wenn man etwas länger in Muang Ngoi bleibt und auch mal abseits von der Tham Kam Höhle baden möchte, macht man am besten einen Tagesausflug zu dem Wasserfall bei Sop Keng.

Ich möchte euch hier ein paar Tipps geben, wie ihr dort hinkommen könnt, was es euch kostet und auch warum ich diesen Tag zu den besten meiner Reise zähle.

Zuallererst gibt es im Prinzip 3 Möglichkeiten zu dem Wasserfall zu gelangen.

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