Muang Ngoi (01.-03.08.16 + 07.-08.08.16)

Situated between picturesque mountains on the Nam Ou River, this city is a popular tourist destination in the north of Laos. The only reasons you’ll go away from Muang Ngoi again are future plans or the lack of money, as there are no ATMs in Muang Ngoi. Whether exploring the surrounding nature, to relax in a hammock overlooking the river or to experience village life in one of the nearby villages. Everybody will find something in Muang Ngoi he’s looking for!

If you want to see something around the area you can walk to two nearby caves (about 30 minutes) You are able to walk and climb or even swim into the larger cave and crawl into the darkness of the small cave on all fours.

Who isn’t a fan of cold, dark and damp caves, refreshes in the outflowing crystal clear water or can take a day trip to the southern waterfall – the best choice is to rent a mountainbike!

For those seeking culture there are the Ban Na Village (about 1 hour), the Huay Bo and Ban Hoy Lakes Village (about 1.5 h) easily accessible by foot through rice paddies. A Homestay can be spend on one of the super authentic rice farms – more can be found here about my Homestay in Huay Bo Village in Konsavan Guesthouse & Restaurant.

Finally, there is a viewpoint where the hike up the steep stairs and a stop at the cool Buddah cave is an as great experience as the view from the top (about 1-3 h).

For everything you want to do here you’ll have to pay 10.000Kip (€1.10) but for sure it’s worth it!
But convince yourself!

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