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Vientiane (13.-15.08.16)

Vientiane is the capital of Laos but there’s still not a feeling of a capital here. There are no big traffic jams altough the number of cars is increasing exponentially and the skyscrapers are slowly but steady starting to rise into the sky.
Despite French flair – even with its own Arc de Triumph – and its location at the Mekong Vientiane couldn’t convince me. Maybe I was there at the wrong time, unlucky to experience the TucTuc cartel or my stay was too short to discover the beautiful places. I for myself found the atmosphere unfriendly and everything else aligned to take out the western tourists. Here you can at least see a couple of pictures and then you can discover it by yourself.

You have already been there? So did you like Vientiane?

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Vang Vieng (10.-12.08.16)

Tubing – or is there something else? The first things you’ll hear about Vang Vieng are the legendary Tubing, drug consumption and all the partys throughout the city. But by legal bans and support of the other natural sight of Vang Vieng this reputation changed in recent years!

Vang Vieng which is located between Luang Prabang (5-7h) and the capital of Laos, Vientiane (3-4h), invites to explore numerous caves, to marvel at waterfalls and refresh yourself in one of the Blue Lagunes. Just rent a motorcycle for a day (40,000 Kip, € 4.50) and take the road eastward from Vang Vieng over the bridge. Expect beautiful mountains and mostly roads in good condition along the way into the valley. The best thing I did there was certainly the Viewpoint Pha Ngeun (3km from town, 30min steep uphill) from where you have the opportunity to get a combined 360° view along your way up the steep path.

I had two nice days there, definitely also because of the funny group I met. So thanks to all of you for spending the time together, for showing me how to ride a motorbike, to attend my guided tour :D, and always order some good food!
And you start thinking about how small the world is when you try to hitchhike and the car stopping is not driven by a Lao guy, but by a German, by a guy from Walldorf (my small hometown) 😀

But now take a look at the pictures!

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