Cheap Christchurch airport guide!

Everybody knows Airports are expensive but with these two tips you can save up to 50NZD while getting to the Airport.

  1. If you have an early flight or arrive late there won’t be any public transport available anymore and you’ll have to get a shuttle or taxi. To avoid this cost (15-35NZD) just sleep in the airport! if you now think about uncomfortable chairs in a freezing Terminal you’re wrong! Christchurch Airport offers a unique Travellers Lodge that is open fom 8:30pm – 5am and you get a great beanbag and blanket to sleep. All this saves you the cost for a night in hostel because it only costs 10NZD.

    The hidden entrance to the Lounge. Next to the toilets 😉
  2. You’ll have to get into the city and when the buses are driving again don’t make the mistake to get into the bus at the airport. From the airport to the city it costs you 8.5NZD while if you just walk to the first stop (5min walk) you save the airport fee and get into the city for roughly 3NZD. Just walk outside the Airport and go to your left till you pass the roundabout.

I hope I can help a few of you poor backpackers out here to spend this money on better things in Newzealand. If so drop a comment or follow my blog to get more tips and tricks to travel.

Enjoy NZ!



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