Land of bengal – hundreds of rivers and a Hospitality i’ve never seen before. Bangladesh.

Now it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Actually it has been more than 3 years after I suddenly stopped blogging as I didn’t feel like sharing my travelstory anymore.

There are so many blogs out here sharing countless stories, articles and photos of their journey. If you look at my blog which I started in 2016 there was only me, a website with two posts and another instagram user using the name “Lukas On Tour” – if you check now there are several users on instagram, a wordpress blog, more websites and hundreds of hashtags containing this name. Lukas On Tour became not only my story, but now covers the trip of many more ‘Lukases’ around the world wanting to share their countless stories, articles and photos of their journey. Why is it time for mine again?

Beginning of this year I went on a trip that I had not experienced in this way before. Never have I felt so foreign as a tourist, never have I ever questioned if it was OK to be here as a tourist. BUT never have I met so many hospitable people, never has a trip had such an impact on myself.

This was my 14 day trip around the Country of Bangladesh in the beginning of 2020.

When you try to find out information about Bangladesh you’ll quickly realize it’s not as easy as most countries you can travel to. Getting information on public transport options? Sparse if even available. Recommendations for hotels, restaurants or even hostels? Mostly not available for tourists. What are the VISA options? Different information on different official websites. Bangladesh is just not a country a tourist would go to – but let me convince you otherwise. What better time to dream about interesting places you’ll want to travel to in the future but now?

It all started with my friend @thelongdirection looking for a country nobody has been to and which was reasonably close to Singapore. And thats how it started:

“Let’s go to Bangladesh”

I hope to fill this page on various aspects of my travel in the coming weeks or so. The people, the life and country there but I also want to give you a few hints on how we got around, what to expect and how to plan such a trip.

Here a preview of the route we took, but more on that later. So stay tuned!

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