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Dhaka, the Heart of Bangladesh

Dhaka is a city most of you probably haven’t even heard of. While it is alike other megacities as Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, … ranking at the 9th largest city in the world being home to over 20 million people living there.

More recently Dhaka might have come to your attention by the Netflix Original Blockbuster movie “Extraction” (featuring Chris Hemsworth) that just hit the streaming website end of April 2020. Although, most of the movie wasn’t shot in Dhaka the impression of real Dhaka is quite similar – just imagine without all the violence and abundant gangs everywhere.

Dhaka being the largest city and the economical and cultural center of Bangladesh it is most likely the place most travels start – and so did mine.

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Land of bengal – hundreds of rivers and a Hospitality i’ve never seen before. Bangladesh.

Now it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Actually it has been more than 3 years after I suddenly stopped blogging as I didn’t feel like sharing my travelstory anymore.

There are so many blogs out here sharing countless stories, articles and photos of their journey. If you look at my blog which I started in 2016 there was only me, a website with two posts and another instagram user using the name “Lukas On Tour” – if you check now there are several users on instagram, a wordpress blog, more websites and hundreds of hashtags containing this name. Lukas On Tour became not only my story, but now covers the trip of many more ‘Lukases’ around the world wanting to share their countless stories, articles and photos of their journey. Why is it time for mine again?

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So it’s day 2 of this week so what did I do in Renmark?
Bronte a guy living there discovered my public trip and invited me to his home, all trough Couchsurfing. That’s why I decided to stop there and i had an amazing time in Renmark – Bronte is the guy in the post picture.
After spending more then 60 nights at over 30 Couchsurfers in 6 countries and meeting even more Couchsurfers at one of plenty events along the way, it is time that I explaine what Couchsurfing is.

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Indonesia – the land of vulcanos.

After spending my 30 days in Indonesia I have climed some of the plenty vulcanos which Indonesia is made up of. The highlight was for sure Mount Rinjani which is the second highest Vulcano in Indonesia. I did a 3 day trekking tour with a group of other travellers and it was awesome! Not the cheapest but even for a low budget traveller a expense they should consider.

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100 days on the road!

Exactly 100 days ago my plane took off from the Frankfurter Flughafen to take me to Thailand. A long journey since then far away from home!

What were my favorite moments? What changed so far? How long distances did I travel?

I will answer that the next days, if the internet is working 😉

Cheers from the now rainy island Pulau Weh Lukas