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Homestay in the Houy Bo Village (03.-07.08.16)

You want to see the “real Laos”? Then a Homestay is probably the best way to expirence the traditional way of Laos life!

I spent 4 days with the rice farmer Mr. Kee and his family in the small Huay Bo Village and could lend a hand in building a hut, help cooking, planting rice and try many new things. Even I was invited to an engagement and so the days were an amazing time.

4 days, I ate 7 different animals, 12 times Sticky Rice and made countless new experiences! Now I certainly can say that I neither enjoy bat nor the taste of a squirrel, but monkey is quite good.

If you are also taken with the images, then think about having a look at Konsavan Guest House & Restaurant in Houy Bo Village near Muang Ngoi. Either walk there in around 1,5 hours through rice fields – good directions can be found here, but you can also use the navigation of MAPS.ME from Muang Ngoi to Houy Bo Village and you’ll be led directly over the rice fields – or give Mr. Kee an (+856 30 92 35 830) call and he’ll be happy to pick you up. If you want to know more about Muang Ngoi take a look here.

PS: If you can’t see blood then I warn you before, as I also have “slaughtered” a chicken the first time and there are some pictures of this as well – real farm life!

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