7 Days Australia!

G’day mate!
Everybody who follows my blog regularly realized it got really quite after me arriving in Australia. Actually I haven’t shared any of my amazing experiences, plenty travels and great tips with all of you and just kept them silently to myself.

I have to admit I was lazy and just enjoying my time but as well it’s a pain in the ass to blog with my phone that oberheats regualry in OZ – yes it’s “fucking” hot here!
Maby the “no worries” mentality cought me while travelling here but now I want to finally catch up again. To do so I thought about doing an Australia week starting on Monday and lasting till Sunday the next week. Every day I will post a new part of my travels, tips and for sure plenty of stunning pictures!
What you should do? Follow my blog that you don’t miss anything and do more then two months of travel in just a week – or at least see what I did. Many it helps you as well – especially if you’re in freezing Germany at the moment – to get into a spring mood again.
To make you curious what you can expect let’s see if you can guess what the days will be about:
Monday: Did I join a christian sect or why did I go to the Twelve Apostels?
Tuesday: Why the hell did I go to Renmark? No I didn’t pick fruits 😉
Wednesday: Beaches, bays, laid back beautiful coastal towns (one was “Port”). In between which Capital cities did I travel?
Thursday: Do you know why so many Australians asked me if I know the movie Wolf’s Creek? I’ll have lots of tips for you on my choice of travel and why I love it.
Friday: It’s home to the Batchala tribe in Australia. Also it’s the biggest of its kind in the world! All about my trip to this wonderful place and why my specific tour was in international media 😀
Saturday: It influenced James Cook’s navigation tools – or at least he believed so. I’ll tell you why you should go here!
Sunday: Experiencing the biggest living structure of the world for free! I did it for 8 days and it was awesome!!
If you have ideas what the days will be about drop a comment below. If not you know what you have to do!
(Yes a few words here are Aussie slang 😀 )

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