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Dhaka, the Heart of Bangladesh

Dhaka is a city most of you probably haven’t even heard of. While it is alike other megacities as Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, … ranking at the 9th largest city in the world being home to over 20 million people living there.

More recently Dhaka might have come to your attention by the Netflix Original Blockbuster movie “Extraction” (featuring Chris Hemsworth) that just hit the streaming website end of April 2020. Although, most of the movie wasn’t shot in Dhaka the impression of real Dhaka is quite similar – just imagine without all the violence and abundant gangs everywhere.

Dhaka being the largest city and the economical and cultural center of Bangladesh it is most likely the place most travels start – and so did mine.

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Kuala Lumpur (01.-04.09.16)

First impression after landing in KL: Wow they speak English again!

After 2 Months of travelling in countries with nearly no English skills it was a great step forward that most people in Malaysia speak some English and quite alot can speak it fluently.

I liked the city with its different faces, all the friendly people and the good transport. Especially thanks to the Family of Grace that you offered me a home far away from home and introduced me to all the Chinese food 🙂 Also thanks to Chan and your friend to meet me in KL and have a great day including lots of talks and a preview of Penangs food together😅

After beeing my second time in KL it was finally time to write something about the city, so Greetings from KL.


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Vientiane (13.-15.08.16)

Vientiane is the capital of Laos but there’s still not a feeling of a capital here. There are no big traffic jams altough the number of cars is increasing exponentially and the skyscrapers are slowly but steady starting to rise into the sky.
Despite French flair – even with its own Arc de Triumph – and its location at the Mekong Vientiane couldn’t convince me. Maybe I was there at the wrong time, unlucky to experience the TucTuc cartel or my stay was too short to discover the beautiful places. I for myself found the atmosphere unfriendly and everything else aligned to take out the western tourists. Here you can at least see a couple of pictures and then you can discover it by yourself.

You have already been there? So did you like Vientiane?

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